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You can think of buying a condo insurance policy if you own a condominium despite it being covered under coverage secured through condo association. Such a prerogative can ensure you total financial protection against any kind of eventuality.

Typically, most of the insurance policies purchased by condo associations cover building exteriors and common plots. But the coverage provided by Home Owner’s Association (HOA) policies usually does not cover interiors of condos. They may only cover damages caused to condo exteriors.

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Types of Condo Insurance

All Inclusive Condo Coverage

This kind of covers protect condo interior as well as exterior surfaces, fixtures, additions and installations included. But condo owners will be responsible for personal assets and belongings.

Special Entity Condo Coverage

Offers protection for all types of condo structures including fixtures but may not cover improvements in structures or additions. And condo owners will be responsible for personal assets and belongings.

Bare Walls in & Wall Studs in

Such policy type will provide coverage for bare condo structure. It is possible to insure condo’s interiors, bathroom as well as kitchen fixtures & countertops. Besides, even personal assets and belongings will be covered.

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